"Drone pop cosmonauts” Fuss make songs to climb inside. Having already mesmerized and tied up in knots the eyes and ears of the Liverpool (UK) music scene they are set to spellbind a wider audience. 

Formed in 2016 through a chance meeting of strangers in the dusk, Fuss have spent the year shaping "heaving beasts that come to life when Fuss play live" (Alastair Dunn, Bido Lito). 

2016 has seen gigs with Psychic Ills, Ulrika Spacek and 'head mates' The Vryll Society. The band are currently recording (Jan 17) their debut EP. 

Expect a land of psychedelic space folk from singer/songwriters David Baddeley and Tony Dixon, where the ground moves to bassist Karl Byrne and drummer Bobby Reardon's churning grooves and the sky is dipped in Cormac Gould’s oozing synths. Where no one is a passenger, Fuss remind you that real life is only an illusion.

"Melding West Coast guitar riffs which veer between Nuggets-era psychedelia and darker Brian Jonestown Massacre grooves with fizzing electronica they're inescapably mining sounds from the past while sounding compelling new." (Peter Guy, Liverpool Echo)