Forming in Liverpool, SPINN have been friends since school. Comprised of Jonathon Quinn on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andy Power, on lead guitar and keyboard, Sean Mclachlan on bass guitar and backing vocals, and George Whitehead on drums, SPINN have become something of a favourite amongst their local scene in Liverpool.

Jonny, Andy, and Sean, met at “one point or another” in school, whilst George followed on much later through the collective hobby of drinking – whilst his girlfriend was a good friend of Jonny’s. Though the boys are only of a young age, it is that fun-loving youthful exuberance that has propelled the band through their debut year in music.

Having spent some time away in their practice room in Everton, Liverpool, SPINN are ready for an impressive summer to keep their already impressive 2017 in full steam. As the purveyors of jangle-pop and the connoisseurs of the Chorus Pedal, SPINN are ready to be one of Liverpool’s breakthrough acts.